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Thursday, August 26, 2010

12# - What games to play?

Crysis 2
Everyone has their own choice of games.. some of them are good some of them are not, for me i think the best games out there are the FPS games like Crysis, Far Cry 1 and 2, DOOM 3, Wolfenstein 2009, Call of duty series, and there are many other, The best thing about these games is the visual reality, i like if the game looks nice and runs smooth, it just gives you a good feeling while you are playing these games.

There is also other games. MMORPG-s, these are the multiplayer games, you get levels, and you work together with other players around the world.. Good example is WOW ( World Of Warcraft ) , it is quite old game, and it doesn't really require a gaming PC to play, but i still wanted to mention it .

The one game i am rally looking forward to, is the Crysis 2 from Crytek. It is using CryEngine3, and it is aimed to be the best FPS game ever.. we will see about that .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

11# - Operating System [OS]

Commercial picture from internet.
For OS i suggest windows 7 64BIT of course since we have 4gigs of ram installed, we do need 64bit windows, 32bit windows support only 3.5gb of ram, and 64bit windows is much much safer, all the trojans and other viruses are mostly made for 32bit platform, so 64bit platform is much safer as i said earlier .

Once you start up your computer you will need to go to BIOS, you must press ESC or F10 on the startup (most of the times) to get into BIOS, you need to change your boot list, so first boot device would be DVD-rom, second HDD and no third booting device.


Insert windows 7 CD, install it, download drivers or install most of them off the cd-s that you get with your hardware, and you are ready to run your PC.

In order to make your AMD Phenom 2 x2 550BE, into AMD Phenom x4 processor, you will probably need to flash your BIOS, and on that motherboard it is much safer, because we have the DUAL-BIOS system, if the first BIOS fails to boot, then the second BIOS will override it, and overwrite the Failed BIOS.
How to exactly open the extra cores ? i will explain it in the posts that come later.

Since we have Black Edition CPU, we are able to clock it, because FSB and Multiplier are unlocked.

10# - Assembly

First of all, you must make sure, that you do not have any static electricity in your hands, so you should touch something that is made of metal. Open up your computer's case, next thing to do, is to unbox your PSU, and then fit it into the case, secure it with screws. Next comes the HDD and dvd-rom, unbox them, and secure with screws, next step to take, is to unbox processor, fit processor into the motherboard's socket and make sure you locate the pin #1 . once you have it set you must coat it with thermal compound . Unbox your CPU cooler, do not use the default one if you want to overclock this puppy! Screw the heatsink on to the CPU, and connect the power wire, it should be close to the CPU socket. place the motherboard in to the case, and secure it with screws. Now connect the 24 pin wire from the PSU to the motherboard, then connect SATA cable from motherboard to HDD, and do the same for the DVD-rom, but you must use IDE wire. Next step is to install the memory 2x2gb RAM, push them in to the socket, and close both ends, connect the power wires to HDD and DVD-rom, . Install your graphics card, install the led's and button's wires of the case to the motherboard, and it should be it for assembly.

09# - Cooling for overclockers

If you want to overclock your black edition processor, then you probably need a better cooling system, the best thing would be a liquid cooling, but this is very expensive, since we are doing it for small budget, then we should use just air cooling. My choice of coolers are the coolermaster ones, but they are quite expensive :) .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

08# - Case

Aerocool vx-9
The most important feature of casing is the airflow, so we need a case which has much spots for fans, and many places for air intake and outtake, something that i really like is aerocool VX9. It is a case for a buck, and our current set of parts fit in there.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

07# - Hard drive [HDD]

For HDD i suggest SATA drive, it is new technology compared to IDE drives and it is much much faster, the HDD you can pick by size, how much space do you need, do you need 200 gigs, or you need 1 TB, its all up to you, just be sure, that you pick SATA drive. Good luck with that!

06# - Memory [ RAM ]

Random stick of memory
For our motherboard only DDR2 memory fits in, and the cap is 8 gigabytes, we are using two 2 gb sticks of ram from apache, their default clock is 800mhz, but they could be overclocked, and for the clocking we need
heat spreading plates on to the ram-s chips. Else you could burn these down if you try to overclock them, the motherboard we chose supports up to 1066 Mhz memory speed so there is plenty of space to clock.
Apache 2 gb sticks 800mhz cl5 total 4 Gb .