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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10# - Assembly

First of all, you must make sure, that you do not have any static electricity in your hands, so you should touch something that is made of metal. Open up your computer's case, next thing to do, is to unbox your PSU, and then fit it into the case, secure it with screws. Next comes the HDD and dvd-rom, unbox them, and secure with screws, next step to take, is to unbox processor, fit processor into the motherboard's socket and make sure you locate the pin #1 . once you have it set you must coat it with thermal compound . Unbox your CPU cooler, do not use the default one if you want to overclock this puppy! Screw the heatsink on to the CPU, and connect the power wire, it should be close to the CPU socket. place the motherboard in to the case, and secure it with screws. Now connect the 24 pin wire from the PSU to the motherboard, then connect SATA cable from motherboard to HDD, and do the same for the DVD-rom, but you must use IDE wire. Next step is to install the memory 2x2gb RAM, push them in to the socket, and close both ends, connect the power wires to HDD and DVD-rom, . Install your graphics card, install the led's and button's wires of the case to the motherboard, and it should be it for assembly.

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